Use workflows to track bookings, onboarding and more

With a million projects on, multiple people working on each - and different software for each process, workflows help you to keep track of it all in one place, whether that’s where you are in the process of finding an illustrator, or what steps are left to onboard new staff.

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Benefits for you

Graphic of workflow feature

Create your workflow

You can set up pipelines for whatever you need - just customise the stage descriptions at the top. Once you’ve done that you can add people from your network into the relevant stitch.

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Make it integrated

The last thing we want is to make more work for you - so we integrate with a huge range of software so people automatically get moved along the pipeline when an action is taken elsewhere.

Graphic of workflow feature
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Analyse that data

Yes it’s boring but man it’s handy. We provide insights into the activity on your workflows - how many people you interviewed that converted to jobs, how many briefs ended up in a payment. You name it we’ll analyse it.

Plus these features

Fully custamisable workflows

Create your own flows from hiring workflows, to project workflows.

Team Collaboration

Invite your team members to add to existing workflows or create new ones. Use stitch as your single source of truth.

Automated Integrations

Set integrations from one stitch to the next with triggers such as emails recevied or contracts signed.

Notes & Files

Jot down notes and store files to keep track of a person's status.

Useful Analytics

Gain insights into your company's hiring and booking process.

Escape spreadsheets with a visual database of your talent network