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Centralise your talent network to make sure you find talent from within your network when you need it.

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Benefits for you

Graphic of spreadhseet to stitch

Automatically go from spreadsheet to Stitch

Stitch takes your spreadsheet of names & portfolio links, and automatically converts it into a fully visual database using people’s websites, Vimeo, Behance, YouTube or CargoCollective to automatically add their latest work to their profile. You can then choose key bits to pin to the top.

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Auto-populate with work

We'll pull in work from portfolios. Behance, CargoCollective, YouTube, Vimeo and more so you can see work in one place.

We'll also check for extra info like phone numbers, emails and social handles you don't currently store.

Graphic of full search

Full search

When it comes to finding people, you can search your network by keyword, tags and location, plus filter by range (e.g. £250 - £350 per day) or status. We also include any new data we’ve found in search results - so if that animator you knew 2 years ago adds editing as a skill on her Vimeo, she’ll now show up in your editor searches.

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Manage in-bound requests

Got lots of people wanting to work with you? No need to brag... but you do need to manage the tide. With our Call Outs feature you can set up a short form for people to fill out - allowing you to review and add into your black book.

Plus these features

Snapshot Social View

Stop flicking between tabs. We pull in the social data from each person so you can see what they're up to.

Upload Files

Upload any files to store with your talent. Keep track of documents, work and references all in one place.

Write Notes

Write confidential notes to exchange with your team.

Stay GDPR Compliant

We've built everything you need to stay GDPR compliant regarding storing information about your talent base.

Highlight content with Pins

Pins allow you to highlight images, videos, tweets, articles and more a person so you can glance at what they do.

Keep track of emails

Forward important emails about a person to their shoebox. This will be stored in their profile so you can keep track of conversation.

Escape spreadsheets with a visual database of your talent network