Create beautiful shortlists in seconds

You have more pressing things to do than download 4 people’s work and create a nice PDF to share with your CD for feedback. So instead of spending hours creating PDFs or sending messy lists of links, you can now create beautiful shortlists showing key info and work in seconds.

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Benefits for you

Graphic of shortlist create

Create quickly

You can add candidates to your shortlist in one click, then decide which bits of information and work you want to show. You can also add notes, upload other images and embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

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Easily Share

Once you’re done, just click publish to create a single link you can share with anyone.

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Stay Top Secret

If you’re working on something private you can make your shortlist password protected to keep the information secure.

Plus these features

Add content blocks

Add images, video and text to fully pitch the people you've shortlisted.

Publish shortlists

Impress your clients with shareable shorlists they can view anywhere.

Password Protected

Create private shortlists for secret projects, sharing the password to select clients.

Team collaboration

Invite team members to work on the same shortlist to speed up selection.

Escape spreadsheets with a visual database of your talent network