Production Management for Film & Photography

Helping brands bring content production in-house.

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Stitch is a creative production platform that unifies a brand's in-house content creation. Move teams away from disconnected spreadsheets and towards a seamless collaborative production process. Stitch allows you to centralise budgeting, scheduling and talent management, and unlock valuable data insights into your creative workflows.

Stitch helps your department with...

Team Building


Budgeting & Reconciliation

Building Call Sheets

and more

Optioning Artists / Booking Freelancers / Tracking Monthly & Annual Expenditure / Storing, Sharing & Presenting Creatives & Crew / Storing Contracts NDA’s & Agreements


Why Stitch?

Increase production capacity

Increase collaboration across departments

Gain key data insight (e.g ROI for shoot)

Live budget & department expenditure tracking

Formalise photography and film production best practices / company process

Eliminate data siloes within departments

We’re streamlining the film & photography production process for content-hungry brands

Stitch helps our team pool knowledge to build a growing directory of creative collaborators we think will make our work better, but also helps us in those busy moments when we need to find the right production freelancers to actually make that work happen.

Marta - Executive Producer

With the growing need for brands to create more film & photographic content than ever, brands are looking to move their production in-house, to minimize costs, increase speed to market and gain access to key data.

Stitch drastically improves your team's production output, enabling a quick route to market for producing content. Our platform takes the strain away from your producers by helping them oversee more content, quicker.