Take Control of Your Network

Save time and reduce costs with a fully visual database of your creative network

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See the power of your people

Bring together information from spreadsheets, emails and people’s heads into a central shared database - ensuring you to find the right talent as soon as you need it

Black book

A visual database where the whole team can search and store information

Convert existing spreadsheets in seconds
Auto-populates with examples of work
Attach internal notes, tags and files
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Take inbound requests out of your inbox with this easy way to manage and review applicants

Share custom forms to collect the info you want
Quickly view applicant’s details and their work
Add to your black book in one click
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Streamline Your Process

Working with external talent is here to stay - so the outdated systems to manage the process need a facelift. Speed up your day to day with Stitch’s suite of tools.


Beautiful shortlists you can build in seconds to share with your team and clients.

Add talent and select the info you want
Share with anyone, using a single URL
Password protect any data sensitive shortlists
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Pipelines help you keep track of where people are in various stages - from onboarding, outreach or payments.

Fully customisable stages
Add & move people through the flow
Full team visibility
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Stay GDPR Compliant

Don’t worry we’ve got you - we provide a suite of tools to help manage consent & accountability, and help you to comply with requests for data or deletion - all as standard.

Plans start from £25 per month

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